NuukKap Extreme Running Race

Pinngortitaq attorneqarnikuunngitsoq, arpallugu misiliuk.



NuukKap is an extreme ultra running race held in the wild arctic nature. In 2019 we are having our 7th year anniversary of hosting this race. Trail running is our passion and by error and keep trying we found the route in 1990 from the capital of Greenland Nuuk to the beautiful settlement Kapisillit which has 54 inhabitants. The route is 110 km of wild untouched nature. You can also run or wander 70 km from Nuuk to Qooqqut which is where the 110 km wanders will stay over night. The midnight sun makes sure that the runners have visibility even in the night.

NuukKap er et ekstremt ultra løb som afholdes i den vilde arktiske natur. I 2019 afholder vi vores 7 års jubilæum med løbet. Ultra Trail løb er vores passion og i 1990 fandt vi ruten ved at prøve os frem og tilbage imellem Nuuk og Kapisillit. Nuuk er hovedstaden i Grønland og Kapisillit er en lille bygd med 54 beboere. Ruten er 110 km vild urørt natur. Man kan også løbe eller vandre 70 km fra Nuuk til Qooqqut hvor 110 km løberne overnatter.  



Ilaarusuppit? Taava attaveqarfigitigut, Apeqqutitit akerusuppagut.


Ajugaasut tamarmik præmiannattarput . Ukioq manna 110 km-mi arpaqataasoq sukkanerpaaq 10.000,- dkk ajugaassaaq.


Internationally approved runs by ITRA






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Frequently asked questions

Click the link and you will be directed to our registration page. You can also send an email to or send a text to +299558128. You have to send your full name, which distance you’d like to run or wander and your birth year. We will send you a text once we have received your registration.    

Click the link below or send us a message on and we will explain it to you. We are currently making a collaboration with Alicée Correr which is a travel and running package company.